How We Describe Our Food

Chinglish is how we describe our food, our language and our family.  In our home, we speak a combination of Cantonese and English (Chinglish).  It is especially entertaining when our family plays a game of Uno™ at the kitchen table in two languages. 
Chef Lam has been preparing and serving top-quality Hong Kong cuisine for over 45 years.  His restaurants have been popular in Hong Kong, Beijing, and San Francisco. Now, Chef Lam and his wife Anna have joined their family, long time residents of Las Vegas, to bring his talents to Boca Park.  
Opening September 2020, Chinglish Cantonese Wine Bar and Kosher Chinglish are two unique restaurants, serving a wide variety of tastes to the public. Whether you are dining at our new Wine Bar, or enjoying Kosher Chinglish, you can expect delicious, fresh food, with vibrant flavors unlike any Chinese food you have ever eaten.
This is Chinese food, elevated.
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The Back Story of Chinglish

“When my mom died, my wife Kitty’s parents, Chef Po Fai and Anna Lam, came to stay with us.  During the entire shiva (mourning) period, Po Fai and Anna prepared all of their recipes, but converted them to be kosher; resulting in Kosher Chinglish.”
– Ken Heck, Partner 

“Keeping Kosher” as it is commonly referred to is a rather complex way of preparing food to abide by strict dietary guidelines. It means higher quality meats and ingredients, prepared in an exceptionally sanitary way. While the inception of “Kosher” preparation has its roots in Jewish religious practice, all people benefit from the extra steps taken. The flavors, consistency, and purity of the food at Kosher Chinglish will astound you. It is your favorite dishes from Chinglish Cantonese Wine Bar with a Kosher twist. We also feature unique dishes that are not available at Chinglish Cantonese Wine Bar. 

Kosher Chinglish is a fast casual restaurant, meaning you can walk up, place your order and have great tasting, hot, made-to-order food in your hands fast. 

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As long-time residents of Las Vegas, we dine out a lot! We love Las Vegas’ Chef owned restaurants and think they are some of the best in the world. Our goal with Chinglish is bring a truly unique flavor experience to Las Vegas. Our founding partner, Kitty Heck grew up eating these incredible dishes, being the daughter of one of San Francisco’s great Chefs. 

Our full service, 4,200 square-foot restaurant and wine bar serves the best Cantonese food you have ever tasted. From Hong Kong to Beijing to San Francisco, Chef Lam has wowed diners with incredible tasting food for more than 45 years. His talent and those flavors have now arrived in Las Vegas. 

The best Chinese food in Las Vegas is not on the Strip. It is right here in Boca Park, surrounded by a romantic wine bar and comfortable indoor/outdoor patio. 

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